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Flag Pond Tennessee

Appalachian Autumn Colors
Fall Foliage Flag Pond, Unicoi County and Tennessee, as days shorten and temperatures become crisp and those blue sky days of autumn, there is no better time of year to experience the gently rolling Tennessee countryside. So follow every curve of the Tennessee and Flag Pond highway to the bright colors of fall foliage of reds, browns, golds, and oranges, travel past quiet streams and ancient farms, and sturdy old churches. A pleasant afternoon of foliage display is capped by a stop at a Tennessee country farm orchard for apples.
The bright colors of fall foliage are a chemical changes as the trees start to go dormant. The southern Appalachians, where a dozen or more kinds of trees change color such as dogwood, birch, beech, oak, maple, cherry,and poplar at slightly different times over the fall season. However, because warm weather this year ( 2005 ), the peak in the trees was not as brilliant around Flag Pond as the rest of the Tennessee area just a few miles north. On some years, the colors are truly breathtaking.

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  • I like the autumn season the best of the four seasons and I'll tell you why. The bright colors of autumn foliage and those crisp autumn day with those blue sky, there no better time of year.

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    Explore the wonders and spectacular fall foliage of Flag Pond, Unicoi County,Tennessee and the Appalachian Mountains.