Hike through the Sampson Mountain Wilderness,Cherokee National Forest,TN. and discover hidden waterfalls.


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Sampson Mountain Wilderness, Cherokee NF.
Hike through the Sampson Mountain Wilderness and discover hidden waterfalls.

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Where:        Sampson Mountain Wilderness   ......  Cherokee National Forest,TN.  
When:         June 26,2003
Photographer: Billybob and Judy


Sampson Mountain Wilderness

Location: Northeastern Tennessee in the Appalachian MTNS. of the Cherokee National Forest in the County of Unicoi,Greene and Washington.
Park your car at Cassi Creek Road where the pavement ends and experience the magic of the Sampson Mountain Wilderness, the road which narrows to Cassi Creek Trail. A walking stick certainly comes in handy in helping maintain balance on the trail and at streams crossing.
Sampson Mountain rises to 4,060 feet, the highest point in the Sampson Mountain Wilderness and you will find the Buckeye Falls in this location: Buckeye Falls drops approximate 400 feet, but some people think it is about 700 feet, Buckeye Falls never been accurately measured and when on the trail look out for black bears,who live here in greater numbers than anywhere else north of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Watch out for the signs of bears, in the old trees, rock outcrops of the heavy forest cover of pine and hardwoods might be a bear dens. If you see a bear, shout, chat, donít try to get a closer look. If you see a cub, leave the area. Travel with several other people. Decide before you hit the trail what you will do if you encounter a bear. Most Black bears are curious and generally not aggressive, but any bear can become aggressive.

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