1956 Ford Thunderbird at Erwin Motor Dealership Tennessee

I never thought Id see the day where Id be sitting in a car like that. Thanks to Erwin Motor for this one in a lifetime opportunity. Todd Love, the owner of Erwin Motor does not know how long the car will be in Erwin Tennessee, Keith Wofford of Florida owns this rare bird. We hope it will be here for the apple festival October 3 and 4, 2008.
The 1956 Ford T-Bird was an instant classic of the '50s, and remains so to this day. To improve rear-quarter visibility with the removable hardtop in place, "porthole" windows were made available as a no-cost option. An optional 312 Y-block V8 was made available for those that wanted more performance. Ford Motor Company 1956 sales were 15,631, and only made six right -side steering 1956 Thunderbirds and only four of those 56 T-Birds still exist today. This series of pictures above, shows one of the treasures Thunderbirds.
Where:               901 North Main Avenue, Erwin, TN. 37650 
When:                Friday, Oct. 03, 2008
Photographer:        Billybob and Judy
Photo submitted by:  Billybob and Judy

This stunning 1956 Ford Thunderbird was one of the most yearn to have cars of the '50s.
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