Flag Pond Tennessee
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Where:               Flag Pond Tennessee   
When:                May 10, 2008
Photographer:        Andy and Sandy Hensley  
Photo submitted by:  Andy and Sandy Hensley 

"Ramps:" an Appalachian delicacy. A wild leek, this onion relative with a garlicky flavor may have anticancer properties, with edible leaves and roots. Found in the woods of upper elevations, it's eaten raw or fried with eggs or just make plain old ramp sandwiches. The plants grow about a foot tall and, when eaten, a strong odor emanates from the skin of the ramps gourmand. Scientific Name for Wild Ramp (Allium tricoccum Aiton) better known as a wild leek, and wood leek.
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Feast of the Ramps

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Flag Pond
23rd Annual Ramp Festival, May 10, 2008 Flag Pond Tennessee.