Flag Pond Tennessee
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Where:               Flag Pond Tennessee   
When:                May 10, 2008
Photographer:        Andy and Sandy Hensley  
Photo submitted by:  Andy and Sandy Hensley 

All parts of the wild ramps are edible and taste like the sweetest green onion with a sharp, acrid sensationis accompanied by a vilest smelling odor when cooked. The key to eliminate the odor of cooked wild ramps is to eliminate its source. Keep in mind that cooked ramps leaves much less of an odor than raw ramps. Whatever we cooked for dinner, ramps is on the menu from middle of March to the end of May. Most ramps I have had is very mild and I like the odor. Most of my friends out of state wanted to try ramps the moment they heard about it, because they couldn't imagine wild ramps could smell that bad with the flavor of sweet green onion with a hint of garlic.
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Feast of the Ramps

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Flag Pond
23rd Annual Ramp Festival, May 10, 2008 Flag Pond Tennessee.