Flag Ponds, is part of America's Most Scenic Natural Treasures.
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What is a Flag Ponds?
So read on and get ready to learn something useful! ... Now might be a good time for you to find out about Flag Ponds.
Flag Ponds
Flags are flowers around duck ponds, fishing ponds and are great as filtering agents in ponds. The Scuttle Butt or rumor that I have been told was the Name Flag Ponds came from a young lady and her nickname was Stefanne. She was walking the edge of duck ponds and saw the flag flower Iris (Scientific Name: Iris pseudacorus) growing on the edge of the ponds and that how the Name of Flag Ponds was created ....... from the flower Flags at the edge of the ponds.

Flag Ponds

Flag Ponds
Flag Ponds Nature Park
Flag Ponds Flag Ponds
Flag Ponds Fishing Ponds
Where is the Flag Ponds?
(1) Flag Pond community, Tennessee
(2) Flag Pond Nature Theater, Texas
(3)Flag pond is a natural depression which has served as wetland habitat for waterfowl wintering, middle of October to middle of February in the Lake Somerville vicinity of Texas.
(4)Flag Ponds, are an important consideration for snipe hunters in Flordia. No kidding; snipe hunting is for real in Florida.
(5)Protection is provided for a wood stork rookery in Flag Pond at the Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge, Savannah, GA.
(6)Flag Ponds Park, Calvert County , MD.
(7)Flag Pond swamp, Pulaski County, Arkansas ( Latitude: 34.73833 Longitude: -92.1575)
(8)Flag Pond Road in Saco, Maine 04072 - Saco Bay Trails
Some of America's Most Scenic Natural Treasures is the Cherokee National Forest, Unaka Mountain and the Mountains surrounding Flag Pond community.
Flag Pond Click for Flag Ponds community Flag Ponds

What are we to make of all this information being thrown at us about the different Flag Ponds, keep in mind that what matters most is the name Flag Pond really does exist.....
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