"Judy-Judy-Judy - Under A Watchful Eye" !

Judy is a Short form of JUDITH. From the Hebrew name Yehudit which means "One worthy of praise and great beauty ". Furthermore, have you ever known a Judy who was NOT worthy of praise? The Judy I know is always fun to be with and full of laughter and she loves to talk! She is very caring, thoughtful, always there with a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a heart of gold and is a very loving lady. That may be due to the fact that she constantly hear "Judy-Judy-Judy". My brother and I always enjoy saying it so much ... is somewhat difficult for me to understand how she keep from smiling? And, her kind and gentle face, which seemed to say it is the very first time she ever heard this! We always seem to believe it was the first time she heard this....... "Judy-Judy-Judy".

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