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Flag Pond 1955.

Picture 1 is myself (Sandra James) age 3 and my Great Grandmother HardinSandra James & Grandmother Hardin

Picture 2 is me and my Great Uncle Bob HardinSandra James & my Great Uncle Bob Hardin
Both pictures were taken off Rice Creek. My mother is Faye Briggs (James) daughter of Mary Hardin Briggs Ray. Her children are Kate Rice,Faye Briggs, Emery, Buck, Glade, Buster,and Ronald Briggs. I hope I haven't left anyone out, but I might have. Would love to hear from any of my cousins. They can find me on Face Book Sandra Crumbley (Sandra James)
Where:                Rice Creek, Flag Pond,Unicoi County, Tennessee   
When:                 1955
Photos submitted by:  Sandra James

Flag Pondflagpond.comTennessee
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