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Naming of Flag Pond

Tennessee Flag

What other stories have been told about the naming of Flag Pond?

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Dwarf Blue Flag Iris
Photo Credit: Bob Thomas
Sunday 4/24/11 10:23 PM
Flag Pond's Iris, The Dwarf Blue Flag Iris found here today... The native flower that gave Flag Pond, TN it's name...?
I found these growing today (4 April, 2011) in "The Jack Holler" on the Jack Thomas, Jr. place.
These are the native Dwarf Blue Flag Iris flowers that Flag Pond, TN got it's name from.
Bob Thomas

Ray Knapp

How Flag Pond got its name
Up until roads were constructed and the creeks re-channeled (beginning in the mid 1800s) Upper Higgins Creek, Sams Creek and Rice Creek converged at a point about 100 yards south of Flag Pondís post office creating a large swampy area with wild flag flowers growing in and around it. It became a meeting place for the people living in this general area. They would trail in to the flag pond from miles around to share news, a little moonshine and on occasion listen to an old time preacher give a sermon to their ready made audience.

A name for any town isnít official until sanctioned by the government, this is generally done by establishing a post office. Flag Pondís first post office was established in 1846. This was the first post office in the county, which in turn makes Flag Pond the oldest official town in the county.

The establishment of the Flag Pond post office is public record. The location of the pond and other information is a consensus from several 'old timers' that relayed stories passed down to them by their fathers and grandfathers.

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Sharla Smith-Hardin

Hey Flag Pond! My grandparents lived at the head of Rice Creek and I used to spend every summer there when I was growing up. I love Flag Pond and miss it very much. It is God's own country. I have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins still there. My mother was a Rice. She told me that the way Flag Pond came to be named, was because a soldier (during the civil war, I believe) planted a flag (I'm not sure what kind of a flag, whether American, Union or Confederate) in a pond (which is no longer there) to let others who were following, know that was the area he had scouted. But that's the way the community came to be named Flag Pond. Anyhow, that's the story I was told. What other stories have been told about the naming of Flag Pond? I am related to the Silvers, Briggs and Cantrells.

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The Scuttle Butt or rumor that I have been told was the Name Flag Pond came from a young lady and her nickname was Stefanne. She was walking the edge of a pond and saw the flag flower Iris (Scientific Name: Iris pseudacorus) growing on the edge of a pond and that how the Name Flag Pond,TN was created ....... from the flower Flag at the edge of the pond

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