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Rock Creek Waterfalls shown in the following images
are located in the Unaka Mountain Wilderness, Unicoi County in South East Tennessee
Rock Creek Waterfalls,TN
Rock Creek Waterfalls near

Flagpond,Unicoi County Tennessee

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Getting there: If you started out from Johnson City TN., go south on US/19w and US/23 toward Asheville NC.
Unaka Mountain Wilderness Sign
Unaka Mountain
Wilderness sign
take exit 19 and cross the over pass and go to the first traffic light and turn right on 107 west and at the next light turn left on Rock Creek or highway 395 east and following the signs to Rock Creek Recreation Area, just a few miles, you will see the Rock Creek Recreation Sign on the right, look to the left and you will see the road to Rock Creek Recreation area, their is a ( $2.00 ) daily fee. Parking is available at the bath house, from the bath house, walk the paved road beyond camping loop ( C ) to the trail head. Short distance up the trail you will see a footbridge on your left. Keep on the main trail and don't cross the bridge, you will see a iron gate a short distant up the trail, go pass the iron gate and stay on the main trail, you will come to a second bridge on the left, don't cross this bridge, stay right on the main trail and you will see the Unaka Mountain Wilderness sign, from their it is about 2 miles to the falls.

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Rock Creek Waterfalls Trail
Rock Creek Falls Trail

The best way to enjoy the trail path is slowly and (the trail is very rough and steep) straight up the mountain and follows Rock Creek up stream most of the way,I though the trail was a moderate hike, but my friend though it was a Strenuous hike over a very rocky and sometime a narrow trail. We found that our best progress averaged about 1 miles per hour.

Rock Creek crossings


Rock Creek crossings
The trail crosses over to the other side of the creek several times. Depending on the time of year you take this journey the creek crossings vary from simple hops over rocks and logs to wading across. Due to a wet June 2003 prior to our hike the conditions warranted the removal of shoes for the crossing and sometimes the rock is slippery, so take your time.


Rock Creek Lower Falls

Rock Creek Lower Falls

As the trail wound back and forth across Rock Creek and If you go all the way to the falls, you will cross the creek four times before arriving at the lower falls. Waterfalls are sometime unsafe so care should be taken to not damage yourself or the waterfalls or the environment. You must descend steeply to reach the base of the first fall and the upper falls is a short distance further on the main trail.

Upper Rock Creek Falls


Upper Rock Creek Waterfalls

For waterfalls enthusiasts eager to see a beautiful setting for an waterfalls in Unicoi County Tennessee, The Upper Rock Creek waterfall is the place to go. With beautiful Scenery of Unaka Mountain Wilderness and of Unicoi County in South East Tennessee. Nothing is more photogenic,peaceful,enchanting and calming in Unicoi County then the Rock Creek Upper waterfall, this falls is worth visiting.


Lower Falls from the trail
Observation of the Lower Falls From the Trail
In all we took 4.5 hours to complete the hike up to the falls and back. However, the times can be misleading. Our initial hike up included more stops for observation, and time spent wading across the creek. On the way back we kept up a fairly constant pace. The second half of the hike was accomplished in about an hour and half.

Spiveyfalls in Flagpond TN      Flag Pond Tennessee     

These 2 beautiful vertical waterfalls that are approximately 40 feet in height all within a walking distance of two miles; coupled with the unique sight of the falls, makes the Rock Creek Recreation Area a "must see attractions".

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