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Winter White

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Cool, cloudy, snowing.
Submitted by: Judy & Billybob
Flagpond, Wild Turkey
Flagpond Tennessee - December 20th Still cloudy, been snowing nearly all night.
Be sure of your self, turkeys and men sound alike walking in the woods.
Its an awesome feeling being decked out in camo., sitting underneath a tree, watching the sun come up, and calling in a wild turkey.

Holiday in look and feel.
Submitted by: Judy & Billybob
The snow shower has given a nice 10 inches covering of snow here.
(December 21, 2003)

Still snowing Hard.
Submitted by: Judy & Billybob
The snowy mountains of Flagpond, TN
The temperature is dropping fast below freezing, and there's no mistaking that beak and head is a chicken.
(December 21 2003)

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