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The Community of Flag Pond Welcome our Friends and Visitors .
Appalachians creek
Appalachians creek
Appalachians creek
Appalachians creek
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Flag Pond Tennessee and Unicoi County,TN

Summer Photographs
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You can take a person out of the Tennessee hills but if you grew up there, Flag Pond to be exact, you can't ever take the Tennessee hills out of the person's heart.
Flag Pond community Flag Pond scenic Flag Pond scenic Flag Pond scenic Flag Pond Deer
Flag Pond Deer Flag Pond Deer Flag Pond scenic Flag Pond scenic Flag Pond Summer scenic
Summer Photo Flag Pond Mountain Photo Mountains Photo Summer Photo Late Summer Photo
Flag Pond creek across the road from the old high school is a healthy mountain stream which contains three types of habitat: Riffles,Runs and Pools and is a stocked trout stream...... that you may want to try.
Flag Pond community Flag Pond Mountain Photo Flag Pond Mountains creek Flag Pond Mountains creek Flag Pond Mountains Road
Temple Hill TN. Temple Hill tobacco field Temple Hill sugar cane field Mountains Summer Photograph
Mountain in Unicoi County Country Road A view of I-26 Fresh cut hay on this September day Bales of Hay Erwin TN.
These photographs represent the essence of how I experience Flag Pond in the Summer of 2004. Some of these images were taken in remote mountains of Flag Pond, others at the community of Flag Pond, the town of Erwin and the community of Temple Hill Tennessee.
Hay fields in Erwin Tennessee Fresh bales of hay, Photograph Sun rise from the mountain top of Erwin TN. Spectacular scene of the sun rise Erwin TN. Really amazing view of Erwin TN.
Doe and Fawn blank Blank Blank Blank

Unicoi County,TN

Some of ours favorite spots in Unicoi County

Take a scenic panorama drive of the Unaka Mountain, Tennessee
The Mountain drive takes you on a 30 mile loop of the Unaka Ranger District of the
Cherokee National Forest . As you travel through Unicoi County you will see some of the most beautiful scenery in Tennessee.

  • Unaka Mountain Overlook ----- The elevation here is nearly a mile high and look to the right to see portions of Erwin.
    • Unaka Mountain Wilderness --------- Look for deer, bear, and turkey that are seen here. Motorized vehicles is prohibited but camping, hiking, hunting, and other activities are allowed.
      • Indian Grave Gap ------ It is possible to stand in two states and two national forests ( Cherokee National Forest - TN. and Pisgah National Forest - NC ) from here the famous Appalachian Trail that runs from Maine to Georgia.
        • Rock Creek Recreation Area ----- Enjoy the clear, cool water of the swimming area.

          United States Forest Service District Office loaded with information about the beautiful Unaka Mountains, and the
          Cherokee National Forest... The Unaka Ranger District (1205 N. Main St. Erwin, TN.) is one of six ranger districts making up the 625,000 acre Cherokee National Forest.

Come on down and enjoy the Appalachians and the Unicoi County Annual Festivals.
The Appalachia Region is a uniquely beautiful Area.

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Flag Pond flagpond.com Tennessee
Images were taken at the community of Flag Pond, the town of Erwin and the community of Temple Hill Tennessee.